Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain



Euphoria, Happy, Motivation, Uplifting

May Relieve 

Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Inflammation, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, Sweet, Tropical


Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Sweet


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 85% Sativa / 15% Indica – THC 23%

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Prepare to be enchanted by the illustrious Cinderella 99 marijuana strain, celebrated for its exquisite flavors, captivating aroma, therapeutic relief features, and stimulating effects. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Cinderella 99 has gained a devoted following among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a delightful and uplifting experience. we will explore the distinct characteristics of Cinderella 99, with an emphasis on its flavors, aroma, relief features, and effects. Whether you long for a tantalizing taste or seek relief from physical ailments, join us as we unravel the wonders of Cinderella 99 and discover its extraordinary qualities.

I. Flavors

Cinderella 99 delivers a truly unique and pleasurable flavor profile that is bound to enchant your palate. This strain possesses a delightful combination of tropical and citrus flavors. Expect the vibrant and invigorating taste of pineapple, complemented by undertones of zesty lemon and sweet grapefruit. The fusion of these flavors creates a refreshing and tangy experience, making Cinderella 99 a sought-after choice for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a delightful taste sensation.

II. Aroma

The aromatic allure of Cinderella 99 is an essential part of its charm. Breaking apart the buds or inhaling its fragrant smoke fills the air with a pleasant and uplifting scent. The aroma is characterized by a sweet and fruity bouquet, resembling a tropical paradise. Notes of citrus, lemon, and pineapple prevail, evoking a sense of energy and freshness. Cinderella 99’s enchanting aroma enhances the overall experience, contributing to a sensory journey that can uplift the mood and invigorate the spirit.

III. Relief Features

Cinderella 99 is celebrated for its potential therapeutic benefits, offering relief from various physical and mental ailments. This strain is known for its potential pain-relieving properties, making it an appealing choice for individuals dealing with chronic pain, migraines, and muscle tension. Cinderella 99’s uplifting nature may also help in combating fatigue, promoting a sense of energy and rejuvenation.

Furthermore, Cinderella 99 has been reported to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Its uplifting and euphoric effects can induce a sense of happiness, boost creativity, and alleviate feelings of unease. Users often report an increase in focus and motivation, making Cinderella 99 an attractive option for those seeking relief from mental stressors.

IV. Effects (

Cinderella 99 offers stimulating and well-balanced effects that make it highly regarded among cannabis enthusiasts. The high from this strain is characterized by a surge of cerebral euphoria, sparking creativity, and enhancing sociability. Cinderella 99’s uplifting effects can elevate the mood, promote laughter, and induce a profound sense of happiness.

In addition to its euphoric qualities, Cinderella 99 delivers a burst of energy and mental clarity. This invigorating surge of motivation and focus makes it a preferred choice for daytime use, facilitating productivity and engagement in activities that require mental acuity.

Moreover, Cinderella 99 exhibits a gentle relaxing effect on the body. While predominantly sativa, it can still provide mild physical relief and relaxation without inducing sedation or couch-lock. Users commonly report a release of tension in the muscles and a welcomed calming sensation that contributes to an overall sense of well-being.Cinderella 99 marijuana strain offers a truly enchanting combination of flavors, captivating aroma, relief features, and stimulating effects.

Its tropical and citrus flavors create a refreshing and delightful experience for the palate. The sweet and fruity aroma adds an extra layer of allure to the encounter. Moreover, Cinderella 99’s potential for therapeutic relief, including pain management and stress reduction, further enhances its appeal. Whether you seek a tantalizing taste experience or relief from physical discomfort, embrace the exquisite flavors, savor the captivating aroma, and enjoy the uplifting relief and stimulation of Cinderella 99.

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